100 Days. 100 ways to Trust. Control freaks's Journey of letting go. 

Week 9:

  1. Cut hair short
  2. Resolve a fight with my parents
  3. Talk to Dad about the fight
  4.  Drink at  a sleasy bar 

Week 8:

  1.  Trust someone with my hair 
  2.  Hug people 
  3.  Resolve a fight with my parents 
  4.  Trust to mediate 
  5.  Wedding
  6. Get massage in Chinatown 
  7. Trust to Talk

Week 7:

  1. Trust to watch Alfie
  2. Trust to watch my house
  3. Trust someone to take my picture
  4. Trust to pick the outfit for me at the store
  5. Trust with a vacation planning 
  6. Trust someone to give coffee recommendation
  7. Trust someone with my phone for the day. 

Week 6: 

  1. Graduation, trust myself to be proud
  2. Trust the dynamics of the group
  3. Tell how appreciative I am
  4. Go with the flow with my mother 
  5. Acknowledge that I have not been myself 
  6. Frieze -let go 
  7. Have fun and be free

Week 5: 

  1. Trust OZ
  2. Go with flow
  3. Trust to interview
  4. Network like hell at HOW
  5. GO with someone and do their sightseeing
  6. Trust to tell about my 100days
  7. Trust Utku to go to Bachelor party, not bother him at all 

Week 4:

  1. Trust  Alfie’s Groomer
  2. Trust to share my project with everyone
  3. Tell a friend why i cut them out
  4. Take a exercise class that I have never been to
  5. Trust cabbie take me to the airport
  6. Trust other people select the route from airport
  7. Trust myself to present well without medications

Week 3:

  1. Trusting a waiter recommendation
  2. tell a friend how i feel about them 
  3. pick a book for me to read  
  4. ask for forgiveness 
  5. hold an acquaintances hand (or even a strangers hand) 
  6. let my husband takes us somewhere , without me interfering 
  7. Trust barista with coffee choice 

Week 2:

  1. Trust Fall
  2. Plan all meals for the day
  3. Ask a guard for food recommendation at Smogasburg
  4. Let someone do my makeup
  5. Trust someone to give me directions on how to bowl
  6. Tell a friend how I feel about them
  7. Rock- Climbing

Week 1:

  1. Tell a secret
  2. ask for an advice and actually take it 
  3. Let my husband plan a day out in NYC
  4. cross the street blindfolded
  5. Ask for direction and don’t check your phone and follow the direction 
  6. Play video game blindfolded 
  7. Trust someone to dress me for the day