Project Challenge

The project started as a redesign challenge but through our research we discovered that 1stdibs was not speaking to the right audience. The design was focused on the consumer as opposed to the dealer

Project Background

1stdibs is the go to source for the world’s leading interior designers and in-the-know wealthy consumers looking for a virtual marketplace to find antiques, design, estate jewelry, vintage fashion and art. 


Dealers want streamlined interface to interact with and an easy to use products page for their customers to find their goods fast. 


Identifying the right audience which consisted of two segments; the consumer and the dealer. Dealer was the primary audience for 1stdibs. Once the proper audience was identified, the new design strategy could be developed. The new website design focused on featuring dealer’s products on the homepage. The navigation was separated by categories. The new design was streamlined and easy to use and these themes translated into the back end as well. 


This strategy was also leveraged in the company's advertising. 1stdibs started to feature dealer’s products in their advertising, using a new tagline; “The most beautiful things on earth”. By focusing on the dealer and their needs, 1stdibs was successful with the redesign and their new advertising campaign. It attracted new dealers and more consumers. 

Team: Lana Molodtsova Ugurtas - Art Director, Cristian Bacanua - Project Manager