HI! I am Lana. I currently live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn but I was born in Soviet Union and grew up in the Washington D.C. suburbs. My passion for art and design started at an early age when I was growing up in small town in Russia.  It was among the grey, Soviet Bloc buildings that my ambitions to design beautiful things flourished.

As my life took me across the globe, one thing stayed constant: my love of art and design. While in Washington D.C., I attended the Art Institute of Washington and majored in Media Arts and Animation. Soon after graduating, I moved to New York City where I have been ever since, working as Designer and most recently as an Art Director at TheaterMania. It is here in New York City that I polished my skills as a designer and established my style. I have decided to take my design further and I am currently getting a Master's degree in Branding at the School of Visual Arts. 

My design philosophy is to create simple and elegant solutions with pixel perfection. I take pride in telling stories through graphic design, illustration and layout. I work with a diverse spectrum of styles and genres while maintaining the individuality of the brand. I work both independently and collaboratively, always with the best interest of the project in mind.

When I am not designing, I try to spent as much time outdoors with my dog. Nature is full of beautiful and amazing things that keep my creative juices flowing. It is a great way to recharge your creativity and find new inspirations. Nothing is better than a warm fall weekend in the Prospect Park or hiking in the Hudson Valley.