Boys and Girls Club of America: Finish Strong this May

Project Challenge

Several organizations already dominate the month of may with different campaigns. The main question that we asked ourselves was: How can BGCA differentiate themselves from the competition and establish May as BGCA month? 

Project Background

Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA) is a national organization of local chapters which provide after-school programs for young people. The project objective was focused on establishing May as the month to Round up at JCPenney for BCGA.  

Project Objectives

  1. Establish May as the month to Round Up at JCPenney for Boy’s and Girl’s Club.
  2. Raise funds for BGCA academic assistance programs.
  3. Create awareness that BGCA is the place for academic assistance after school.
  4. Increase engagement with BGCA, especially via social media.
  5. Increase BGCA alumni involvement.


May is the last full month before the school is over. It is the time where students need to be the most focused but since the summer break is coming soon, they are distracted. May is the time where students need academic assistance more then ever. 


Since BGCA offers multiple services, We decided to focus on tutoring. The campaign for JCPenney, Finish Strong this May, was a combination of in store and online engagement. In the month of May, JCPenney stores will be taken over by the sea of blue and BGCA messaging. The displays would be featured throughout the store, dressing rooms and at the checkout, keeping the Round up campaign on people’s mind. Digital engagement would start in the store by implemention of the Photo Booth, where shoppers would be encouraged to take pictures and post them online with an appropriate hashtag. In term, Round up website would feature the image. It will also show the amount of funds that has been raised. In terms of design strategy, the design for the campaign was guided by BGCA and insights that we discovered. The campaign needed to be clean and telegraphic with emphasis on fun. By using icons and BGCA blue were able to merge the two together for a successful campaign.



Campaign Posters are placed through out the store to create sea of blue.

Check out lines are taken over by information about the campaign. 

Round Stickers are placed in the dressing rooms to let shoppers know about the Round Up Campaign. 

Point of sales cards




Team: Reese Vaccarezza, Alice Li, Lana Molodtsova Ugurtas, Michi Ohira