Disruptive Innovative Solutions

Project Challenge

Even though Dyson is know for its exemplary expertise in manipulating air, it has extremely narrow Focus on Home products.


Project Background

Dyson is a British technology company that designs and manufactures vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, bladeless fans, and heaters. By utilizing Unify. Simplify. Amplify framework, we were tasked to create a possible Brand extension. After careful consideration we have chosen Dyson because of its Exemplary Engineering and Innovation culture


Through our research, we identified the best area for Dyson to expand to would be in the consultancy category.  We analyzed the consultancy landscape, in order to identify Dyson's place in it. We discovered that there were not any consultancy groups solely focusing on engineering.  By leveraging their engineering expertise in moving air, Dyson could have a new revenue stream. Innovative Disruptive Solutions would be the motto for the Consultancy arm. We developed a new business model for Dyson Consultants by focusing on their current culture of innovation and translating it into the new business. We identified three areas of opportunities for Dyson to explore: Green Energy, Aviation and Healthcare. These are the fastest growing sectors in engineering as well as, the areas most open for disruption. By creating Dyson Consultants, Dyson’s brand architecture would need to be addressed by separating Dyson into two categories: Dyson Products and Dyson Consultants.

Team: Reese Vaccarezza, Alice Li, Lana Molodtsova Ugurtas, Michi Ohira

Class: Unify. Simplify. Amplify., Masters in Branding at School of Visual Arts

Instructor: Ken Carbone